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Understanding, meditation, observation, reasoning, are words reiterated many times in the Qur’an in the context of criticizing the disbelievers’ insistence on blind imitation of their wrong traditions and refusal of the truth. For example, Allah Almighty says, [And when it is said unto them: Follow that which Allah hath revealed, they say: We follow that […]

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The Qur’an is undeniably a book of great importance even to the non-Muslim, perhaps more today than ever, if that is possible. One aspect of Islam that is unexpected and yet appealing to the post-Christian secular mind is the harmonious interplay of faith and reason. Islam does not demand unreasoned belief. Rather, it invites intelligent […]

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Are you one of those people who rarely touches the Quran? Or do you read daily, but don’t find it is having the impact on you that it should? Whatever the case may be, these are some simple tips that can help you connect with the Quran. 1. Before you touch it, check your heart […]

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By Dr. Ameenah Bilal Philips The Qur’aan is not only unique in the way in which it presents its subject matter, but it is also unique in that it is a miracle itself. By the term “miracle,” we mean the performance of a supernatural or extraordinary event which cannot be duplicated by humans. It has […]

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It was narrated that Abu Umaamah al-Baahili (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) say: “Read the Qur’aan, for it will come on the Day of Resurrection and intercede for its companions…” [Narrated by Muslim, 804.] This hadeeth is indicative of the virtue […]

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Why we should read the Glorious Qur’an, the Noble Qur’an, the Holy Qur’an???   Here are the reasons: 1. Inimitable It dares you to disprove it. How? It says that humans cannot write a book like this even if they pooled all their resources together and got help also from the spirits. The Qur’an said this […]

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  Some of the lessons from Quran that apply to our general living! 1. Respect and honor all human beings irrespective of their religion, colour, race, sex, language, status, property, birth, profession/job and so on [17/70] 2. Talk straight, to the point, without any ambiguity or deception [33/70] 3. Choose best words to speak and say them in the best […]

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Introduction This booklet is for every freethinking and broadminded human being whose goal is to find the truth. We encourage you to read this booklet with an open mind. For a few moments, please set aside your pre—conceived notions and take a critical look at what is presented. It will open before you a new […]

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The third way by which we can soften our hearts is the Quran itself.   Allah states in the Quran, Al-Hadid, 57:16, “Has not the time come for those who believe for their hearts to fear Allah when they hear the Quran (dhikrullah here is in reference to the Quran) and what truth there is in it, […]

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Daily we open our inbox in Facebook, in Mobile, etc. and read the messages sent by our friends and relatives. But how many time do we open the Q’uran and read the Message sent by Allaah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala? These are great reminders for us: 1 – The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever wants to […]

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An Interview with Umm Saalih: A Grandmother Who Completed Memorizing the Qur’an at Eighty-Two Years Old As Read by Dr. Saleh as Saleh Al-Hamdulillaah (All-Praise is due to Allah), the One Who said (what means): “And in truth We have made the Qur’aan easy to remember; but is there any that remembers?” Surah 54: 32 Many all […]

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The Qur’aan is the last book of divine revelation sent to man, and Allaah has promised to protect it from any distortion or loss. He said in the Qur’aan: “Verily, I have revealed the Reminder (Qur’aan) and verily I will preserve it.” {15:9} Its written and recited forms have been preserved without even the slightest change for over […]

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Abu Umaamah (radiallaahu anhu) reported that the Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Recite the Qur’an for indeed it will come on the Day of Judgement as an intercessor for its Ashaab (those who read, memorize and implement it).” [Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 1757] This hadeeth indicates the virtues of reciting the Qur’an, the […]

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By Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Ibn Baz Question: What is your advice – O Shaykh – for those who go without reading the Qur’aan for a month, or even many months, and who have no excuse for such behaviour? However, you will find some of them reading those magazines that contain no benefit for them, and […]

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Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Abdul Khaaliq hafidhahullaah “Al-Qawaaid adh-Dhahabiyyah lil-Hifdh il-Quran il-Adheem” My Brother and Sister Muslim – there is no doubt that you know of excellence of memorising the Quran and the excellence of teaching it. The Messenger of Allah (sas) said: “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’aan and teaches it.” […]

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The Qur’an is the revelation of Allah’s Own Words for the guidance of His creatures. Since the Qur’an is the primary source of Islamic teachings, the correct understanding for the Qur’an is necessary for every Muslim. The Tafsir of Ibn Kathir is among the most renowned and accepted explanation of the Qur’an in the entire […]

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Allaah the Most High says: “Indeed in this there is a remembrance for those who have a living heart, listen attentively and are awake to taking heed.” [Qaaf: 37] Therefore, if you desire to benefit from the Qur’aan,  gather your heart when reciting it,  focus your attention to it and focus as if you are […]

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Download High Quality Mp3 128 Kbps Audio Files Recitation by Sheikh Mishary Rashed Alafasy Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy was born in Kuwait in 1976 and is a Kuwaiti national and a qari. He is the Imam of Masjid Al-Kabir (Grand Mosque (Kuwait)) in Kuwait City, and leads the taraweeh prayers in Ramadan every year. He studied in […]

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Download High Quality Mp3 Audio Quran Recitation by Salah Bukhatir Salah Bukhatir is an Imam and Qur’an reciter from United Arab Emirates. He is the brother of the famous religious singer Ahmed Bukhatir. Salah Bukhatir memorized the Holy Qur’an while he was still a child. His beautiful voice earned him much distinction and popularity among in his […]

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Download 128 Kbps High Quality Mp3 Audio Quran Recitation by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (Arabic: عبد الرحمن السديس (ʻAbd ar-Rahman ibn ʻAbd al-Aziz as-Sudais), born Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1960) is the imam of the Grand mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. He obtained a degree in Sharia from Riyadh University in 1983, […]

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By Mansoor Ahmed The relationship between us and the Quran is undoubtedly of great importance; therefore, it is strange that it is this relationship which we often neglect. I have a theory as to why we tend not to focus on the Quran: we are drawn towards controversy. The Quran and its sciences have no […]

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Since last night my young son has been unwell.  When I got back from Work this evening I decided to take him to hospital despite my exhaustion. There were many waiting; perhaps we will be delayed by more than an hour.  I took my number and sat down in the waiting room. There were many […]

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By Muhammad Abdullah Diraz – Al-Azhar Scholar—Egypt There is an allegation that Muhammad (sallAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salam) received all the knowledge contained in the Qur’an from a human teacher.  Had this been an expression of an idea or a doubt felt by those who made it, they would have held on to it without moving to something different. […]

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How to memorise for long-term ??? This is the Best way to memorize the Quran for long term !!! Methods of Memorizing which rooted in mind: 1.  Read the lines ten times.  Then repeated to yourself. If you read it as it continue to next line ‘Verse”. But if you have problem with a word… […]

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Question:  I converted recently and I have a problem with reading the Quran, what should I do? Answer Salaam and welcome to Islam. You didn’t explain what is your particular problem with reading the Quran? Is it that you can’t find a good translation in Dutch or English, or that you don’t understand what you read? […]